Conflict-free Replicated Data Types

A follow up to the paper in this post, was just accepted to SSS 2011. The focus of the new paper is around the following contributions:

  • A solution to the CAP problem, Strong Eventual Consistency (SEC).
  • Formal definitions of Strong Eventual Consistency (SEC) and of CRDTs.
  •  Two sufficient conditions for SEC.
  • A strong equivalence between the two conditions.
  • We show that SEC is incomparable to sequential consistency.
  • Description of basic CRDTs, including integer vectors and counters.
  • More advanced CRDTs, including sets and graphs.

Regarding CAP, what we explore is how must consistency can we deliver, without compromising Availability and Partition Tolerance. This is captured by the notion of Strong Eventual Consistency (SEC), that is formalized in the paper.

Any subset of replicas of a SEC object eventually converge, independently of the fate of the remaining replicas. They only need to deliver messages. Therefore a SEC object tolerates up to n − 1 simultaneous crashes. A SEC object thus fills an interesting space given by the CAP theorem: it is (eventually) consistent without sacrificing availability and partition-tolerance. Remarkably, SEC does not require to solve consensus.

We also introduce a SEC compliant Directed-Graph CRDT that allows concurrent Vertice and Edge addition and removal, with a semantics compatible with concurrent web crawling.

The associated TR is available here.

One response to “Conflict-free Replicated Data Types

  1. Marc Shapiro recently presented this work while visiting Microsoft Research, here is the video of the presentation

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