Research grants in CRDTs and Distributed Aggregation

We are opening several new positions  in HASLab, to be supported by (up to) two year research grants.

– One of the grants is for a Post Doc, to join the local team that is working on the evolution of CRDTs (Conflict-free Replicated Data Types). This is a very active research topic with growing impact in both industry and academia. We are looking for someone that can share our vision and work with us and our research associates. Possible research topics to be pursued by the successful candidate include the composition of CRDTs (with correctness proofs by construction), efficient update dissemination under different channel assumptions, and unification of state based and operation based models. Prospective candidates should check this announcement and apply for research line RL3.

– Another grant is aimed at candidates holding an MSc degree, to join our research line in Distributed Data Aggregation. The successful candidate is expected to research on distributed aggregation, e.g. Flow Updating and Extrema Propagation, and explore improvements to allow for faster and more reactive adaptation to changes in the network and monitored values. These research activities would be compatible with part-time enrollment in our PhD program, which the successful candidate will be encoraged to pursue. Prospective candidates should consult this announcement and apply for research line RL3.1.

HASLab has a very active research team in Large Scale Distributed Systems, working in both Systems and Theory. Our Laboratory is located in the Braga Campus of Universidade do Minho, one of the top state funded research universities in Portugal and in the top 3% of Scimago IBE ranking. We are part of the Associate Laboratory INESC TEC.  Braga is very close to the Gerês Natural Park, and has good connections to Porto (and its vibrant cultural life) and the International Airport (30 min shuttle bus to Braga). It also has a very competitive cost of living in comparison to other European cities.

This call is open from June, 12th to June, 26th, 2013.

Any questions, contact Carlos Baquero at


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